Check your checks

This was the second time that it happened to me. I was checking my bank transactions and noticed that one of the transactions as reported by the bank was $33.28. In my transaction log though, I had recorded $33.08. My bank now provides electronic images of the canceled checks (instead of returning the actual canceled check like they did in the old days). I logged on and looked at the image. Yep, the check was written for $33.08 and “written” for “thirty-three and 08/100”. I sent the bank an email. They responded that they would credit my account $.20. It’s only $.20, but it could have been much more. I am surprised that this doesn’t happen more often. The whole check-writing thing seems a bit archaic, at least to me, a self-proclaimed computer geek, what with the analog (me hand writing a check) to digital (someone/something has to convert it into digital form and enter the transaction amount into a computer) conversion.

Check 1851 error

My bank is Farmers State Bank. Thank you for being quick and courteous.

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