SanDisk Sansa Express

SanDisk Sansa ExpressI just purchased a SanDisk Sansa Express.

I purchased it because it was small, charged via USB, and had a radio. I was looking for a player that I could listen to while I run. (I also bought a Digital Lifestyle Outfitters Action Jacket, which is an arm band and neoprene case for the Sansa Express.)

I have to get it loaded with music for my morning run on Monday. I will have to provide an update afterwards. I suspect that I may have to invest in some sports earphones instead of the ear buds provided.

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  2. I fixed the image. It looked like the picture was a sepia tone. I am new at taking macro pictures with the Panasonic DMC-FX01, my wife’s camera. I had the white balance on “auto”. When I changed it to “indoor light” mode, the white background became white. 🙂

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