Why I _love_ “Pushing Daisies”: reason #2

Pushing DaisiesTonights episode, “Pigeon”, had another “moment” that I will label “reason #2” for “Why I lovePushing Daisies‘”. (Here was reason #1.)

Olive, the waitress at the Pie Hole, has delivered a pie to Chuck’s aunts, Lily and Vivian. Olive is speaking with Vivian, the brunette and cheerier of the two aunts. During the conversation, Olive works in the phrase “birdhouse in your soul”. Ooh, ooh! This is the name of the song by They Might Be Giants from the album “Flood“. I love this song!

The show does to commercial right after this conversation.

After commercial, the show starts with Olive and Vivan singing the song “Birdhouse in Your Soul”! Awesome!!!

Honorable mention goes to the plot elements in the show: a pilot. Yeah, the pilot dies in a crash and all, but still, this was an aviation reference. Being a pilot (with no time nor money to fly right now though) I always enjoy an aviation reference.

[Updated 10/25/2007]: Here is another perspective on the Pushing Daisies episode “Pigeon”.

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