2008 Financial Resolution

I stumbled upon the blog Cash Money Life via a post at Get Rich Slowly. So here is my 2008 Financial Resolution for a Chance to Win an iPod. My financial goal is to pay off the remaining $7,000 second mortgage principal balance by November 2008. I will do this by paying a bit over $500 per month starting 12/2007.

Why this goal? It is probably more of a personal thing, but it was a loan for $22,869.00 back in August 2004. (It was for our new house so that we wouldn’t have mortgage insurance.) The loan was for a term of 15 years at 7% interest. How do I know how much to pay each month to achieve this goal? I have a Google spreadsheet that breaks out the interest and payment for each month out through 2019. So, it’s a no-brainer that if I pay it off sooner, I save a bunch of money on interest. But there are a lot of things vying for my money, so it is a balancing act. But the spreadsheet lets me track my progress. And, I have my Google Goal Chart gadget to provide a visual representation of my progress. It helps keep me motivated.

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