Chumby works as SlimServer (SqueezeCenter) player

I was able to get my Chumby to work as a client for the SlimServer (SqueezeCenter) tonight. My Chumby was updated to client version 1.5.0 this evening. SlimServer client support has been built in to Chumby since at least client version 1.4.0. And before there was a menu interface on Chumby, there were ways that you could make the Chuby work as a SlimServer client with a USB memory device loaded with some software.

The Chumby interface is pretty straight forward. In the main Chumby panel, there is a “Music” button. You select this and are presented with a list of different music sources. If you select the “SlimServer” source, you get a menu that lets you enter the IP address of your SlimServer. After entering the IP address, you can press the “Play” button and then the “Done” button. Momentarily, you should see the Chumby show up as a client in your SlimServer web interface on your computer. You can control the playback of music on the Chumby from the SlimServer web interface via your computer. (You don’t control it from the Chumby. If you have an Asus Eee PC like me, the Eee PC make a really convenient “remote”. Though an iPhone or iPod touch would probably be even cooler; use the built in web browser and wifi as a client of the SlimServer, controlling the playback of the music on your Chumby. 🙂 ) When the music is playing, the Chumby continues to play whatever “channel” you currently have active. For instance, my main channel rotates between a digital clock and a five day weather forecast.

I have the SlimServer running on a Wal-Mart Everex PC. I decided to try SlimServer when I learned that the Chumby could be a SlimServer client. I was quite impressed with the SlimServer. It makes it easy to play my music collection throughout the house. Up until now, though, I have used a laptop as a SlimServer client. But the Chumby as a client amps up the geek factor. 🙂

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  1. > Though an iPhone or iPod touch would probably be even cooler

    Not an iPhone, but my Wii, using the built in web browser, can be used to control the SlimServer via the SlimServer web interface.

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