Meet the Robinsons

Sydney, Adelaide, and I went to “Meet the Robinsons” Sunday. This was the first time I took both girls by myself to a movie. Sydney was very excited to see the movie. I got us a medium popcorn, buttered, and a medium Pepsi. We found our seats in the second row. Sydney sat with the popcorn, sitting next to her in her seat to her left, and the soda in the cup holder in her right arm rest. I sat in the seat to the left of Sydney and held Adelaide in my lap.

The movie started with the Disney short “Boat Builders“. Adelaide was good throughout the short. She sat right up and watched Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. She ate popcorn, one piece at a time. When “Meet the Robinsons” started, Sydney was transfixed to the screen. During the whole movie she kept her eyes on the screen, but still had time to eat popcorn and sip soda.

About half way through, Adelaide started getting fussy. I strategically chose the 12:20pm movie, because I figured that this was during the Adelaide’s normal nap time and I hoped that she would fall asleep. After settling her down with a sippy cup of juice, she fell right to sleep in my arms. She didn’t stir for the rest of the movie.

I enjoyed the movie very much. I hadn’t gone in to the movie expecting much. I thought that the story would be rather thin and uninteresting. But I found the story to be very engaging. I may be a bit simple minded, but I usually try to just let the story take me where it wants to, so I enjoyed the layers of the plot as they were revealed. Since it is a “time travel” movie, there were some expected plot twists, but I liked how they were handled. It may have helped, too, the show was about family and I have my two daughters with me, one eating popcorn and soda glued to the screen, and the other one asleep in my arms. 🙂

I didn’t go to the 3D screening. Sydney was scared in the 3D shows at Disney World when we went there in January of this year, and with a one year old, I thought that 2D version would go over better. Still, I thought that the animation was very good. It was a CGI movie, but I thought that the modeling was good. Like I said, I hadn’t expected much going in, as this was a Disney animation. Disney animations haven’t been very good lately; not like the renaissance during “Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”. But I was impressed. I think that it was a very good movie for the girls and I to see together.


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