Shrek the Third

I haven’t updated in a pretty long time. (I have been working on a Google Spreadsheet-based post. It’s a long one though.) I just got back from taking the girls to Shrek the Third.

Overall, I didn’t like it too much. It didn’t seem to have a very compelling story. (I may be biased – HUGE Disney fan here…) I liked Meet the Robinsons much better. The story seemed to be a bit predictable too.  The princesses were my favorite parts.

Again, my bias may be showing in that I liked the princesses the best. I had a princess sitting right next to me. Sydney got to bring a treat to preschool on Tuesday, since her birthday is in the summer when they aren’t in school. Nancy bought her a “Dancing Princesses” tiara. Sydney has been wearing it everywhere since. She wore it to church this morning. She wore it the movie.

The other cute thing, yeah, it wasn’t in the movie, was watching Adelaide. She was stretched out on my lap, laying with her head in the crook of my arm, her sandals bouncing on my knee. The bag of popcorn was right within arms length. She just relaxed, dropped her hand into the popcorn, grabbed a big handful, and brought it to her mouth. She would then go back for more – not looking, just reach out and grab a handful of popcorn.

This did relate a bit to the movie, as Shrek and Fiona become parents. It did make me smile as Shrek and Fiona played with and cared for the babies. But, overall, the movie wasn’t too good, but the girls had a good time – so it was worth it. 🙂

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