X10 API source code

Many years ago, I created an API for interacting with the home automation technology called X10. The API interfaced with power line modules via a serial interface. I haven’t done anything with the X10 home automation API that I created a couple years ago. I have gotten a bit sidetracked by fatherhood. 🙂

You can find the source code here. If you do try to compile this, you may get an error about a missing class. This isn’t important; you can whack away the reference and compile again. (Not very helpful, I know, but if I get more time, I may update this with some more information.)

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  1. sylvek says:


    I’m just proud to tell you that i use your api into my new project :]

  2. Based on sylvek’s comment, I found this site, which has some more information and updates based on my original X10 work: http://geekscape.org/daisy/geekscape/113.html

  3. bukom says:

    I’m interested in using your API for my project..just got some X10 modules and I want to use java (Netbeans IDE 6.5) but i’m totally new to java…only took intro class…do you have any vedio tutorials on how to modify the code for a beginner like me…would appreciate it a lot…


  4. kazeemT says:

    can you assist me with any info on how to start with this X-10 of a thing.it sound good for final year project. Any idea?

  5. kazeemT,

    I have stopped supporting the X10 API. You can get the source code from my site here. You can also check out this site, http://geekscape.org/daisy/geekscape/113.html, for some possible other help.

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