Morning run

I have started a morning run. Since I have completed a 4 runs, I figure that I can write about it now. (I was afraid that I would do it once and then quit.) I have run the Disney Half-Marathon for 4 years now; 2008 will be my fifth year. I really didn’t do a whole lot of running in preparation for the half-marathons (13.1 US miles). (This really made Nancy upset-more from the fact that I was able to do it. She wasn’t afraid that I would get hurt.) I have put together my typical route so far using

We’ll see how long I keep this up. I started in late spring so that I could get used to running in milder weather. I am not too worried about the hotter summer weather. What I am worried about is winter. We get snow and ice in Iowa winters; I anticipate this to be my challenge.


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