I just returned from watching Ratatouille. I LOVED IT! I will have to see this again, it was so good. (Also, I got to wrestle my one-year-old during the first three-quarters of the movie, she was tired but didn’t want to succumb to the sleep.) I went with Nancy, Sydney, and Adelaide. (Nancy worked evenings so she could go with us during the afternoon.) The animation was so amazing. The character models, especially the humans, is very convincing, even though they are stylized. The voice actors fit the character acting so well. And the Paris scenery is breathtaking. I have never been to Paris, but I believe that they must have captured the look of the “City of Lights” in this film. And, being a foodie, a foodie that prefers French food the best, who likes France in Epcot World Showcase the best, the food in the film made my mouth water. I found it interesting that the soup that Remy creates is the first dish that gets him noticed. I have wanted to learn more soup recipes and have been trying to make more good soup. I would definitely like Remy’s soup. I was following along as the rat created his delicious soup – the ingredients used and techniques – they were exactly how it would be done in real life. And while I am writing this post, I have the Disney Ratatouille sit e up in another browser tab which is playing some of the music from the show – it has a nice French flair to it. I will have to get the soundtrack.

So, over all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. (And once you see it, you will understand why I feel a bit strange “reviewing” the movie. I am definitely not a professional critic, by any means though.)


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