littles3 works with S3Fox Organizer

S3Fox Organizer and “littles3″I have successfully used S3Fox Organizer with the current “littles3” source code. S3Fox Organizer is a Firefox extension which provides a simple interface for managing files with Amazon S3. To get it to work, I needed to control the resolving of “”, which is the URL that S3Fox Organizer is coded to use. I edited my machines “hosts” file, C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows, to have resolve to, localhost. I have “littles3” running within Tomcat. I have it running as the “ROOT” application so that there is no application context. I also have Apache running with mod_jk connecting to Tomcat.

This definitely takes advanced skills to get running and “littles3” isn’t complete yet, but this is a good integration test. The current “littles3” source code has ACL support now. It still needs to implement metadata and the ability to “provision” user accounts. But it is at a personally usable state now.

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  1. jpshackelford says:

    ParkPlace, a Ruby S3 clone, may be a handy reference as you hack on littles3. See

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