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Airplane Flying Handbook in EPUB format

Friday, August 6th, 2010

I have completed converting the Airplane Flying Handbook into EPUB format, a type of digital book. The Airplane Flying Handbook is an FAA publication designed to teach basic piloting skills. I used the Airplane Flying Handbook in ground school when I was studying for my private pilot certificate. You can purchase the EPUB version of the Airplane Flying Handbook in my store.

The digital version contains all of the content from the paper version. But since it is digital you can easily search for terms using your reader. (It still has the index from the paper version too.) I found it to be very convenient to read on my Droid phone, an Android based device, using a program called Aldiko. Having the book on my phone allowed me to make use of my idle time: it was very convenient to open the book on my phone and read a couple pages as time allowed. I have provided a little screen tour of the EPUB Airplane Flying Handbook rendered by Aldiko, captured from my Droid phone. (more…)

Comic for every GA pilot who flies on a commercial flight

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

xkcd recently posted the perfect comic showing how every GA (or sim) pilot who has to fly commercial, I think, wishes the system worked:

Seat Selection

Seat Selection

High speed abort, Friday the 13th, and 6660

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Being an aviation geek, I found my situation this afternoon/evening interesting. I was in Denver, CO, at a technology conference and coming home today. I was on United flight 6660 to Cedar Rapids, IA. Today’s date was 11/13/2009 and the day of the week was Friday. As the CRJ jet operated by SkyWest was gaining speed on takeoff, the takeoff was aborted. The aircraft, after slowing down, pulled off of the runway. The pilot came on the PA system and said that we had to abort takeoff because a warning light came on indicating that one of the deicers was overheating. In his 10 years flying, he had never had to perform a high speed abort. But he reassured everyone that we were never in danger of going off the runway since the runway at Denver is 3 miles long.


Monday, June 16th, 2008

Given the recent flooding here in Cedar Rapids, I think that I may have to get an ICON A5 airplane. It is a Light Sport Aircraft, meaning it can be flown without holding a medical, but it is limited to lower speeds and range. It is amphibious, which would be good for the flood, with retractable landing gear, for when the flood subsides. And the wings fold up, making the aircraft trailerable. It carries two passengers with relatively decent useful load. The estimated price is $139,000. And $5000 will get you a delivery position.