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Halloween 2007 wrap-up

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Halloween candy - smallHalloween 2007 is wrapping up. I think that Sydney and Adelaide had a good Halloween. This evening, around 6:30pm, Sydney the fairy princess and Adelaide the monster set off down our sidewalk with treat bags in hand. Sydney, being 4, was very excited. Adelaide, being 20 months, just wanted to chase after her older sister.

(Nancy was decked out in goth attire. She looked like Abby on NCIS. She was very cute.)

Houses that had dogs were a big hit with Syd and Ad. They stopped to talk with and pet the puppies.

About half way around the block, Ad figured out the system. I would pick her up the front steps. (She still isn’t too good climbing steps.) She would then totter up to the door and step right up to the candy bowl and pick a piece of candy. (She was partial to suckers when she could find them.) She would them put the candy into her bag. She did very well.

Overall, this was a very cute year for trick or treating, as both girls really liked it. 🙂

“Uh-oh”; Adelaide Talks

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Adelaide has started using the phrase “uh-oh” at appropriate times. [There was some contention by Nancy that Adelaide also started saying “up” recently when she wanted to be picked up. So there will have to be a “mom” decision as to what her first words were.] She seems to have picked up the phrase last Thursday night. When she says it, there is consistently an extended pause between “uh” and “oh”. She is pronouncing the two parts of the phrase very deliberately. I heard “uh-oh” a lot yesterday in church. As Sydney goes to Sunday school, it is just Adelaide and I at church. So she wasn’t influenced by Syd. (When Syd’s around, after Adelaide says “uh-oh”, there is usually a lot of giggling from Syd (“that’s what little girls do“) and some form of tattle tailing of the form, “Dad, Adelaide did [fill in the blank]!”) Adelaide would drop her blankie…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her book…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her cup…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her binky…”Uh-oh!”

Adelaide is talking…”Uh-oh!” 🙂