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Sydney started kindergarten today

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Today was Sydney’s first day of kindergarten. We saw her off this morning on the school bus. The bus was a bit late. I bet that we were towards the end of the route. And I bet that it was late because every other parent did like us; take a picture of our child as she got on the bus.

She “ate” her lunch today…well, just the peanut butter sandwich. She didn’t eat the carrots or cheese. Though that was pretty good for her, considering that she had never eaten a peanut butter sandwich until a little over a month ago. (She likes peanut butter, but in a bowl and eating it with a spoon.)

Today was an early dismissal. Tomorrow is the first full day. We will see how that goes.

“Uh-oh”; Adelaide Talks

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Adelaide has started using the phrase “uh-oh” at appropriate times. [There was some contention by Nancy that Adelaide also started saying “up” recently when she wanted to be picked up. So there will have to be a “mom” decision as to what her first words were.] She seems to have picked up the phrase last Thursday night. When she says it, there is consistently an extended pause between “uh” and “oh”. She is pronouncing the two parts of the phrase very deliberately. I heard “uh-oh” a lot yesterday in church. As Sydney goes to Sunday school, it is just Adelaide and I at church. So she wasn’t influenced by Syd. (When Syd’s around, after Adelaide says “uh-oh”, there is usually a lot of giggling from Syd (“that’s what little girls do“) and some form of tattle tailing of the form, “Dad, Adelaide did [fill in the blank]!”) Adelaide would drop her blankie…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her book…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her cup…”Uh-oh!” Adelaide would drop her binky…”Uh-oh!”

Adelaide is talking…”Uh-oh!” 🙂

Sydney’s First Overnight Slumber Party

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Sydney had her first overnight slumber party last night. She stayed overnight with two other four year olds. She did very well. They had a good time making tie dyed t-shirts and going to see the movie “The Game Plan“. (She liked the bull dog.) I definitely give kudos to the parents where she stayed. They had a gaggle of girls sleep over. (They have three girls, and it was the oldest girl’s birthday. She had some friends over for her birthday, but the middle and youngest girl both invited a couple friends to stay overnight too! I think that this is foreshadowing of my future. But I only have two girls. Whew!) The “sleep over” door is open. Sydney is growing up so fast.

[Updated 10/01/07]: I forgot to post this. When talking to the mom in charge of the sleep over when I picked Sydney up, she relayed this funny little story. I guess she got a full dose of Syd. That night, the mom was in with the three four year olds, getting ready to sleep. Sydney was in a giggling mood and kept giggling. The mom said to the effect of “Okay, girls. It’s time to go to sleep and stop the giggling.” Sydney said, without missing a beat, “But giggling is what little girls do.” This is classic Syd.