Presentation: 2009 Pearson Technology Summit

I presented “REST user provisioning” at the 2009 Pearson Technology Summit. While I can not post the proprietary presentation here, I am hosting an example REST implementation project here. Hopefully, this example implementation can be useful to both those who have seen the presentation and those who have not.


The “exampleRest” project is an example of REST service interface for provisioning User and Group objects. The example project supports creating, reading, updating, and deleting User and Group objects. It uses HTTP Basic Auth to authenticate the REST requests. The service uses password hashing to store a User password. The project is implemented using basic Java functionality included in the Java JDK and the Servlet API, without using any additional frameworks. This is done to illustrate the REST functionality and not demonstrate a framework. The project site provides more detail about the project.



For Pearson employees, you may be able to access the presentation from within the corporate network at this location in a source code management system here:

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