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Strange thoughts from CNN: High gas prices anti-terrorist tool

Monday, July 7th, 2008

So, this morning I was watching CNN. They had a commercial for an upcoming segment about how “spy” weapons were being used to keep the upcoming presidential nomination conventions safe. And then Ali Velshi did his normal update about the price of oil and new airline fees. So, in the spirit of Bruce Schneier’s Movie-Plot Threat contest, I wondered what would happen if you mash the two together: What if the high gas prices were actually welcomed by some security providers as a terrorist threat deterent. By making the cost of travel in general more expensive, gas prices rise, airline tickets increase, etc. this would reduce travel throughout the US. Thus making it more costly for terrorists to arrive at their target (though, if they are paying in Euro’s it would actually be cheaper as the dollar falls) and filter out normal citizens who give up travel because it is too costly. At some point, normal citizens can longer afford to fly, only terrorists will be flying.

[This is only fiction. It was not meant to be taken seriously. NSA, please do not report me. 🙂 ]