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Weekend Gourmet: Cheddar Cheese Soup

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

This past Sunday I made the Cheddar Cheese Soup recipe from the “Joy of Cooking”.

This recipe was a relatively simple one. Basically, you start with a mirepoix (carrot, celery, onion). Add some flour to make a roux. Then add chick broth. (I used store-bought broth. I didn’t make my own chicken stock.) The soup, to this point, is simmered for 45 minutes while it thickens. Then you add some grated Cheddar, cream, and some dried mustard. That’s it.

I used a relatively expensive Cheddar cheese from Wisconsin. (Neighbor state to the northeast of Iowa.) You know it was expensive because it still had the red wax on it.

The resultant soup was delicious. All four of us liked it. (This is not very common that everyone in my family likes the same food. Usually someone [Sydney] won’t like it.)