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Inbox 0!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I made it to Inbox 0 in GMail. Okay, so, it is kind of lazy. I mean, I was just thinking about what the 500+ emails in my inbox were doing? Not much. It was just a pile of read email. As new email came in, I would read it. But I just left it in the inbox. So moments ago I thought, hmm, so what is the “Archive” button in GMail for? Why, it is for this pile of read email in my inbox. The vast majority, in fact all of it at the time, had already been “processed”. Why was I keeping them? Some of them were there “just in case” I needed to refer back to them. But, then what is the “All Mail” archive for? It is there for the times, “just in case”, that I need to refer back to an old email. So, then, why not get the email out of the “Inbox”. So I did. I don’t lose anything by archiving the email. It is still there. (Thanks to Google’s vast storage. I am using 4% of 7.3 GB.)